About Us

The AOA Performance Institute located at the Mansfield Fieldhouse USA originated out of a desire to help others. We are affiliated with a world-class orthopedic practice, Arlington Orthopedic Associates and wanted to help our community achieve optimal performance and stay injury-free before they see a doctor.

We help you be a better you. Whether you are looking to improve your sports performance, training for your first competition or just want to live a stronger, healthier life – we can help develop benchmarks to improve your physical performance.

Our Goals = Your Goals

The AOA Performance Institute team works with clients to assess their status, set mutually agreed upon goals and then work with them to improve their performance in a targeted and specific way until those goals are met. We can work 1-to-1 or in small group or team sessions.


Putting First Responders First

We know that First Responders maintain a strong fitness regimen to be ready when called upon. We honor what they do for our community and take pride in helping them stay physically ready to protect and serve.


Bouncing Back. Staying Healthy.

Our on-staff Physical Therapists work with the AOA Performance Institute staff to ensure a smooth transition for those returning to work or sports after an injury or surgery. Often, health insurance dictates therapy is completed. We work to close the gap between insurance guidelines and your personal progress to ensure a strong and safe return. Our goal is to make sure you are injury free and back to doing what you love again.

We also want you to be on the right path prevent future injuries. Whether you a recovering or being proactive, we can set programs for individuals and groups to help reduce the risk of injuries.